Thursday, November 01, 2007

Google Search: Eric Clapton's Yacht

Will someone please tell me why so many people from around the world are searching for Eric Clapton's yacht?

I must get half a dozen hits a day on this.

It's a awesome looking yacht. I've seen a picture. Hell, I'd even post the picture if it hadn't been lost in the last great computer crash.

My son took the picture a few years ago when he was in Rhodes. Greece, that is. Apparently Slow Hand had parked a few dock spaces down from the US Navy.

But I don't get searches for Billy Crystal's yacht. Or Hugh Hefner's yacht. No searches for Elton John or Mick Jagger's yachts.

Just Eric. It makes me curious. So, please, random visitors looking for Eric Clapton's yacht, please educate me.

Why it is good to live with a multi-talented* person:

* purchased, carved, arranged, photographed and cleaned up!

Thanks to Uncle Zoloft for the inspiration.

Loki sez: Excuse me, but as fascinating as your blither always is, can we move on to the important information now?

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Anonymous said...

the answer is that you come up as #2 when you search on "eric clapton yacht". I'm searching just purely because I know his yacht is about to be maintained, and I was just curious if he knew he had a yacht.
There is a community out there who plot the whereabouts of celebrities' yachts. Maybe, Eric is a bigger name than the others you mention.

JanetLee said...

Thanks Louis! That makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Eric Clapton has recently launched his Autobiography in which he mentions purchasing his yacht.
He also states that he needed to "borrow" to do it. So if Eric needs to borrow to buy a must be ONE FANTASTIC boat!
Maybe that's why?
Mike. Adelaide, Australia

roughrider said...

Hi, Janet.
I am looking for Eric Clapton's yacht because in his recent autobiography he speaks of how unique and beautiful is his 150' yacht. My curiosity is bristling in anticipation to see photos of it. I am a big longtime fan of his and just want to see it for kicks. Your page came up in the number two position. Chris - Florida

JanetLee said...

Thanks everyone! Yesterday, I told Jason that I thought half the planet must have gotten his autobiography for Christmas because I've had dozens of hits a day looking for his yacht.

Anonymous said...


take a look here:

This seams to be a picture of Slowhand´s ship. B.t.w, the bio is great. Everyone should read it. Not only because of an interesting live of a superstar. It´s also great to read, how someone takes live in his own hands, heading for a happe end.

Chris, Berlin, Germany

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that link was fragmentary. Please try this:

and that:



KLorenz said...

I'm a woman in my 40s who loves all kinds of music - especially Clapton. I don't know the answer - perhaps it was because I read Clapton's autobiography (must admit that I enjoyed it.) and wanted to see what it looked like. Good question though as to why the interest being placed more so on Clapton as opposed to anyone else you mention above (Elton, Mick, etc.) Maybe it goes back to Clapton is God!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eric's yacht is called Va bene and as i have spent 8 months climbing all over it then take it from me it's not Blue Guitar

Garret said...

Yes, the yacht pictured is not Eric's yacht. I've seen a picture of it and it is much larger.

Garret said...

Click here: Yachtmati - Kees Cornelissen Yacht VA BENE

Anonymous said...

You can rent Eric's yacht Va Bene. with no disrespect, the pictures alone show me that our music hero's are living on a different planet.

go toh ttp://

Anonymous said...

I wanted to see the US Navy ships... You know why he parked so close to them don't you ?

To take a good look at all the hookers who are waiting for the sailors.

One can sit on their yacht and always enjoy the view, thought I always pictured Clapton having a pontoon boat and hanging out with Kid Rock or Hank Jr.

Skippy said...

This is Eric's boat. Click "more photos" to see it in all it's glory....