Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank You Veterans

To all who served and are serving, thank you.

To all who drive around with yellow ribbons on their cars, please make sure you keep up with what is happening to our veterans.

Medical benefits are being slashed.

"The budget proposal would eliminate federal funds for a program that provides long-term care for veterans and reduce funds for VA nursing home care by $351 million, which could lead to the elimination of about 5,000 nursing home beds administered by the department (Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report, 2/9)".

Hospitals are in need. Returning soldiers who have psychological problems due to spending the last year playing "is-today-the-day-I-get-blown-up-by-an-IED" are being labeled as having had those problems before enlistment. They are denied medical assistance because the problems are now (suddenly) a "pre-existing condition".

Let's not mouth meaningless thanks. Let's not get patriotic and lump-throated one day a year.

Write to your government representatives and tell them you expect our veterans to get what they gave - the best of this nation.

Loki sez: Say it's not true!

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