Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Because Men Are So Freaking Perfect!

Dear Comcast:

Why do you suck so bad? Really? Why are you being such misogynistic pig-holes? I sign on in the hopes of finding some new and exciting veggie recipes for Thanksgiving and on that little screen thingie - which by the way takes freaking forever to load - I see this little nugget:

"7 Reasons Why Girls Pick the Wrong Guy"

So, of course I have to click on the link to see what kind of mistakes all we girls are making.

And I find a pretty accurate article about the poor decisions made by ANYONE, male or female in selecting a partner.

So why, dear Comcast, did you feel it necessary to label these mistakes as 'girl' mistakes? Why not "7 Reasons People Pick the Wrong Partner?"


Loki sez: Oh My Ceiling Cat, she's gonna rant about this all day!


Margo said...

Pardon me while I puke. I can't stand these stupid "how to" "why not" lists. As if life were as just that simple. barf.

Kyle said...

It's pretty simple really... It's called marketing. You really think men care about that stuff as much as women do? So, to start with, it's a subject women are more interested in. Secondly, women become even more interested in it if it's a topic that is especially for them. (Wait, my most humble apologies... this is actually a trait of most people. Whew, glad I caught that.) Hell, it made you click on it didn't it? And finally, I seriously doubt Comcast is writing that stuff themselves (it's gotta be outsourced). Don't peg them as misogynistic on that alone, even if the CEO had hanfcrafted it himself (I made sure to check; CEO is a man). Do you even know what that word means? It sounds like a far cry from misogyny!

The brilliant thing about all this is that you didn't have to read that article. But, you did. Then, you get mad at Comcast for hosting what seems like an innocent little piece designed to get people (women, specifically) to click on it. Wow...