Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mandate Is What You Have Been Asking For People!

For all you people against the health insurance mandate, here is a simple explanation of how it will help YOU, the person paying his/her hard earned dollars for your own insurance plan and make those lazy welfare bums you hate so much begin to pay their fair share.

Isn't that what you want? People to pay for their own health care and stop making you do it???

Okay. So Joe Blow has no insurance for whatever reason - unemployed, pre-existing condition, job doesn't offer it, can't afford, or maybe he's just an idiot who is hoping nothing bad happens to him.

So he rides it out and oops! Something bad happens. And because he hasn't been going to a doctor for yearly physicals or anything, he ends up in the emergency room and/or having a nice little hospital stay.

He can't pay.

Hospital is out money.

Hospital raises charges for those with insurance.

Insurance company does not like paying out more money.

Insurance company makes up loss in profit by increasing your premiums, deductibles and co-pays and/or decreasing services covered.


Now, if Joe Blow is required to find some sort of coverage, hospital gets paid, doesn't raise charges, your insurance company doesn't fear for its CEO's multimillion dollar bonus so doesn't take it out on you.

It is as easy as that.

So supporting the mandate helps you by requiring people to pay for their own insurance rather than gambling and leaving you to pay the ultimate bill.


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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Military Made Me a Liberal

I get confused when I hear some on the right claiming that those on the left are anti-military.

It was the military that made me a "liberal".

See, I was an air force brat.

I was taught to not see color.

I was taught to not see gender.

I was taught to not watch who went to which religious service.

I was taught to treat everyone with respect.

I was taught to respect those who wore the uniform.

And I took those values with me into my civilian life.

I was (am) against certain military actions simply because when I ask another citizen to risk his or her life for me, I want it to be an absolute last resort.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Living in The Teapot

I am female.
I do not worship Jesus Christ.
I have a college degree. In science.
I have two cats.
I have a sprig of sage on my front door and in the heart of my home - the kitchen.

I am about two election cycles from being burned at the stake in Marion Square.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


If having sex is a life style choice and women should take complete responsibility for the possible consequences and 100% fund their own birth control,

if having a uterus that malfunctions is a personal problem and the hormone therapy to cure it just happens to double as birth control so again, 100% fund your own medical care in addition to paying for your health insurance premiums,

then why are all doctors visits, testing and medications for erectile dysfunction paid for without question by insurance?

I mean, if your penis does not work and you make the CHOICE that you would like to use it to have sex, then shouldn't you fund that 100% on your own also?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

This. Just This.

Last night at work, the subject strayed to the very early spring and warm weather. I made a joke that I was beginning to hate global warming because it forced me to begin shaving my legs more regularly.

There was some joking about hairy legs and I propped my right leg up on a chair and lifted my pants leg to the gasps of horror from my fellow co-workers.

And the first thing someone asked was, "What does JASON think about that?"

It reminded me of when I stopped coloring my hair and that was what everyone asked me, "What does Jason think about that?"

I had had enough of that particular question one night and told the asker, "Jason loves me, not my hair color."

And she said: "So he SAYS."

This is why Rush Limbaugh calls us sluts and prostitutes for using birth control.

This is why Congress can bring in a panel of old, mostly white, MEN to discuss women's health and not one person in the room thought, "Hmmm?"

This is why the current crop of GOP front runners can wage an all out war on women's rights in this nation.

Because we are still measuring our entire worth by what a man thinks about us sexually.

We are still denigrating each other for our choices and threaten each other with the loss of male sexual approval if we stray from what we think we should do to get a man.

But guess what, people? I'm sporting a little middle aged belly, have a completely white head of hair, I only shave every month or so, I'm completely lax about eyebrow waxing and make-up application. I dress almost exclusively in jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes.

My fellow is nine years younger than me and he can't keep his hands off me.

Wanna know why? Because he loves me. He loves my sassy mouth and my snarky attitude and my big fat juicy brain cells, that's why.