Tuesday, March 13, 2012


If having sex is a life style choice and women should take complete responsibility for the possible consequences and 100% fund their own birth control,

if having a uterus that malfunctions is a personal problem and the hormone therapy to cure it just happens to double as birth control so again, 100% fund your own medical care in addition to paying for your health insurance premiums,

then why are all doctors visits, testing and medications for erectile dysfunction paid for without question by insurance?

I mean, if your penis does not work and you make the CHOICE that you would like to use it to have sex, then shouldn't you fund that 100% on your own also?


Anonymous said...

A woman in a state legislature has introduced a bill that before receiving viagra or other ED drugs, a man must have documentation from a sexual partner that he actually does have ED, see a sex therapist and submit to a thorough physical including heart exams to be sure his heart can take it!

Saphyre Rose said...

Why should insurance companies be allowed to pay for Propecia and Rogaine? Those drugs are for hair loss and you do need a prescription for both Propecia and any Rogaine product containing over 2% Minoxidil.

Hair loss is a cosmetic thing. Losing your hair does not make you have pain or cause death.

I cannot get my insurance company to pay for Lasik surgery which woulod only cost them $3000 total for the rest of my life. Instead they prefer for me to go and buy new glasses ($375 I have very bad eyes. I have been wearing glasses since 1st grade) and contacts ($198)every year which costs them a LOT more than the 3k would up front. Why? Because it is considered cosmetic.
So I have to ask why should men be allowed to get their cosmetic hair growing medications but women cannot get their reproductive medications?

Sharon said...

I've heard of at least 3 (women) legislators who have introduced such bills as Anonymous cites. I hope to be able to contribute to their future campaigns for office. I also hope that more legislators will introduce such bills.

Drives me NUTS that Viagra is paid for by Medicare. Think how much money would be saved right there!