Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bloggers, Tweeters Rock!

The sites stirred into action by Janet and Dan and put together by TheDigitel have been buzzing.

I think we may be close to $2,000! If not over that much by now!

Geoff is getting an idea of the real America - yes, bad things happen, but that's when we come together. That's when we are at our best.


The boyz say: America ROCKS!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Help Geoff

One of our local bloggers, Chris Pearson, has set up a Help Geoff site.

You can donate here.

Up and Stuff

Yesterday, my mother and I went to see the movie Up. Go see it. It's awesome. And I want a talking collar for Thor.

On the extreme opposite of not awesome, Lowcountry Blogger Geoff was robbed Monday night in Greensboro, NC. Geoff, who is originally from England, set a world record for riding the entire London subway (tube) system in the shortest amount of time. He is on his latest adventure, a trip to towns in America that have the same name as all the tube stations in London. It was to take him through all 48 states. He was documenting his travels and all the sights/people he met along the way.

Now all of it is in serious jeopardy. Watch here

Hopefully we can find a way to help Geoff. More details as I get them.

Thor sez: I hate those thieves soooo hard!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Loki Sunday

Loki is such a grass fiend. He drug this off the counter before it even sprouted.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Caturday Smackdown!

Prepare to pounce!

Pounce diverted!

Circle for position.


Pounce repulsed!



Loki sez: Never start sh** with Thor. He is relentless.

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Two Cents Worth

Earlier this week, when speculations were swirling around the location of Mark Sanford, my opinion was that he had snuck away to some swanky West Coast nip/tuck doc to pretty himself up for his 2012 presidential bid.

One of my life story's top ten WTF moments will be the Wednesday afternoon I woke up and while stumbling down the hall in search of coffee, Jason popped into the hallway and said: "Mark Sanford was in Argentina having an affair."

Now that I've had a day or so to watch the now ever so boringly predictable reactions, here is my two cents worth.

For the rabid Democrats who are screaming "hypocrite" and calling for Sanford's head, stop it.

For the rabid Republicans who are screaming "Clinton" and "forgiveness", stop it.

As adults, let's take this opportunity to step back and look at our behavior. When someone on the "other" side screws up, we jump on it with glee. When someone on "our" side screws up, we back peddle and make excuses.

Just like we do in our own personal lives. We love to talk about personal responsibility, but half the problems in this nation today are due to the fact that all we do is TALK about it. Very few people ever practice it. As soon as we do something wrong, no matter how big or how mundane, we have an excuse for it. Someone, something else influenced us to not to the proper thing. (My favorite was the law and order enthusiast who rear ended another car and blamed the other driver for braking too quickly for him to stop in time because he drove a huge monster truck and it can't stop that quickly. It is called following too closely and it is your personal responsibility to drive safely.)

Now, an interesting slant that has come out of this Sanford mess is the treatment of his wife, Jenny Sanford. When Clinton was caught with his pants down (note: in his office, where he was still working and could be found wink, wink), the Family Values crowd excoriated Hilary for staying with him.

Now that same crowd is out for Jenny Sanford's blood, saying she ISN'T standing by her man. Some are even hinting that she is the source of the leaked emails and dragging out the old woman scorned cliche and claiming this is all her fault.

That is beyond wrong. That is a refusal to assign blame where is belongs. Mark Sanford chose to put his penis in another woman's vagina. Period. There is no excuse/wiggle room/justification.

To try to blame his wife is putting political favor above ethics and morality. To blame her is just another way to try to excuse him.

He was wrong. Clinton was wrong. Every other politician or trusted public figure who has committed adultery is wrong. Just because you identify with one or another doesn't make it acceptable to try to find an excuse for them.

Loki sez: What self-deceptive little monkeys you humans are.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thor's Day!

How much is that kitten in the window?

Y'all please. Some one go adopt some kittens. Pet Smart had seven of them in their adoption center and I wanted to take all seven of them home with me. The SPCA is overflowing with kittens. I so wish I could get at least two more, but someone (we won't mention names, but today is not "his" day) just does not have the temperament for it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Loki Sez

I was asleep, under the bed! All alone!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Huge Loss for Charleston

Philip Simmons died last night. What a man. What a legacy.

I never got the opportunity to meet him, but know several people who have interviewed him over the years and they all comment on his humility, his grace, his talent.

The term "a Simmons gate" has been a part of my vocabulary for so long -since childhood - that it was one of those things that I didn't really know what all it meant until I was an adult.

Condolences to the family and friends.

Charleston has lost more than an artist. We've lost a link to another era.

From Charleston Magazine, a bit of a wonderful project that has been on-going for quite a while.

Thor sez: I have a sad.

Monday, June 22, 2009

75% Complete!

In a two day river of sweat, I sprinted against Mother Nature to finish most of the patio project. (It'll probably never rain again this summer now.)

The mud hole we lived with for a month while Mother Nature refilled the lakes:

Nearly finished:

Nearly finished because eventually, I want to put a glider out there and an arch to train the jasmine to grow on instead of the porch rail.

Thor sez: I'm still mad at you for not letting me help spread the sand. I'm an excellent sand spreader, just check out the litter box.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Loki Sunday

Loki vs. the Crinkle Toy

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not Recommended

Be-bopping down to Lowe's, grabbing a cart, tossing 10 bags of paving sand (at least 15-20 pounds each) onto said cart, pulling cart from very back to very front of garden center (dodging one self-centered soccer mom who couldn't be bothered to move her buggy out of my way), standing in line for 15 minutes, hauling cart across parking lot, tossing previously mentioned 10 bags of sand into the back of the cruiser, driving home, putting bags of sand into wheel barrow and hauling them from driveway to back yard.

I don't care if it rains another month, I'm not doing anything else with that patio until tomorrow. I'll get up at 6am or something.

Random kittens:
Is it supper time yet?

Staring at nothing.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't Flash Your Babies!

In my late night, insomnia/on-call, television viewing, I've noticed that flash cards to "teach" your baby to "read" are back in vogue again. It seems every 10 to 15 years these things pop up again.

Let me save you some money. It is all hogwash.

Yes, you can flash cards at your baby all day long and the baby will start to recognize the cards.

But it will not make your baby any smarter. It will not make your baby read any sooner. Neither will the "learning" CD's or video games.

What will make your baby smarter is talking to him or her. Real talk. About what you are doing, where you are going, what things are and what they do. "We are going to the grocery store to buy food." Once at the store, hold up, show, let the baby touch (well, maybe not the raw chicken) items and tell him what it is. "These are apples. Apples are red. Apples are a fruit."

Yes, your baby. From the moment he/she is born, talk, narrate, explain, name.

Read to your baby. Anything. Jason was in college when his daughter was a baby and he would read his textbooks out loud to her.

Research continues to show that the more you speak to your baby, the more words he or she hears, the more context you give your baby, the more neural pathways your baby creates in the brain. It is those pathways that will make your baby more able to learn (for the rest of his or her life!).

So toss out the expensive junk and start talking!

Loki sez: And don't forget the veggies!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thor's Day!

Thor is back to his old self again.



Heart melting.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to Work Day

Which generally means sleeping in late and doing as little as possible. Didn't sleep too late, and have laundry going. Struggling mightily with the vacuum/don't vacuum issue. I really need to, it will only take like 10 minutes. But I really don't feel like doing it.

Had a brief moment of insanity in which I thought I'd actually put on clothes, drive to Lowe's, get the sand and finish the patio project today. Then it dawned on me that I'd probably have to put on a bra to go out in public, so that was that.

Laundry and attempting holiday cat photos sounds like enough work for now.

Loki sez: Shhhhhh. She can't put hats on us if she can't find us.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Count Down

10. Home before the rain started.

9. Laundry room cleaned.

8. Mt. Laundry half conquered.

7. James Taylor on Pandora.

6. Loki on my toes.

5. New yoga class is wonderful.

4. Blueberry bread in oven.

3. Not feeling guilty about not mopping.

2. Thor poop!

1. Stack of books, couch and blanket.

The boyz say: #2 - Cat grass!! #1 - Yarking up cat grass later in an undisclosed location!!

Your Monday, My Saturday

Now that the lakes are full of water, can I complain about the rain without feeling guilty? Seriously. I went to Lowe's yesterday afternoon to buy the sand to finish the patio project. While there, a monsoon began, trapping me and all the other shoppers in the store. After a while, it got way too expensive to be wandering around the aisles, so I paid and made the very long dash to my car. I had parked by the garden center and they had closed the gates so I had to slosh across half the parking lot.

Then on Magwood, I encountered what must have been the weather activity that caused the tornado warning. Blinding rain, whipping winds, the trees along the side of the road were bent almost in half. I was creeping along at about one mph, wondering if I should just pull over, but the only place was under the trees that were almost being uprooted. So I just puttered along and once I got on 61, it was much better.

Now my patio hole is still full of water. I think I'm going to start calling it a mosquito farm and apply for federal subsidies.

Hopefully the daily monsoon will hold off a bit today so I can get more errands done without endangering life and Cruiser.

Thor sez: While you're out, I'd like some more kitten food, some nip and a couple of new toys to ignore.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Loki Sunday

Late Loki Sunday. We all know Loki is an artist. But, is he also art?


Portrait of a Feline in the Sun.

Photos by JAZ

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sleeping Til Two

I was on call last night, so hung out on the couch with the boyz. Then slept until two in the afternoon. Feel like a blob.

Thor seems to have resolved his problem. Friday afternoon I found some evidence in the litter box. Then last night, I was able to confirm 100% Thor poop. And he has been eating everything that he can get his fangs on. Plus, he just looks better.

And the question remains. How do I fatten him up and keep Loki from gaining weight?

Towards the end of May, I dug out some grass to make a patio. The pavers are still stacked neatly, the sand still waiting to be purchased. If it ever stops raining, the mud hole might dry out enough for me to level it and finish the project. I hope the Upstate is getting some of this rain.

El flaco y el gordo.

Friday, June 12, 2009

You Say You Want an Evolution?

Last night, East Montague was the place to be. Amoebas and salesmen and cave men, Oh My! Dinosaurs, Missing Links, Jersey Goils and poor Mother Earth.

No air conditioning, minimal props, just a band of crazy kids putting on a show.

Torrential rain? Deafening thunder? Gifts from the Mother, sound effects.

I thought it was a rollicking little romp through the mish mash of what got us here today, blobs that no longer need legs as long as the computers have voice recognition.

And I may be partial, but I thought Jason Zwiker ROCKED THE JUNGLE as Tyrannosaurus Rex, the mightiest of the terrible lizards and he had the tail to prove it.

The people behind us were flipping through the programs trying to identify the brilliant young actor.

And when, as John Lennon, he let loose with a completely believable "What? I get shot?", the entire audience felt his angst.

I want photographs of the cavemen. The T-Rex and John Lennon. I will pay.

A secret. Jason comes off shy and unsure but he is a fantastic actor with great instincts and ideas. He won a best actor award for a film contest in which he played a psychopathic preist. Or did he just think he was a priet?

Loki sez: We will trade high quality cat nip for photographic evidence.

From Chuck Boyd:

Jason as John Lennon (second from left)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thor's Day!

Thor seems a little better today. The hissing was kept to a minimum this time.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


So, Thor went back to the vet this afternoon. Exactly two days after Loki realized he was not some impostor Thor and stopped hissing at him.


So, Thor has not been throwing up as much, but still some. I asked for (and received) an X-ray just to make sure there wasn't some sort of toy/fur/rubber band/masking tape bezoar in his stomach that was just partially obstructing the intestinal sphincter.

Nothing there but still some stool up in the transverse colon. So he got another dose of sub-cutaneous (or more accurately, sub-hide, fluids). No enema this time for which I'm sure Thor was extremely grateful. We'll double up on the hairball/laxative remedy and see how it goes.

He had lost a tiny bit more weight (he'd lost an estimated half a pound when weighed last week). So I have orders to fatten him up.

But not to let Loki gain any more weight.


I bought him some kitty treats and some of that yummy tasting but not so good for you dry cat food. Tomorrow I'll try to find some kitten food as per the vet's recommendation.

Loki sez: I'm not fat. I'm just big furred.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Your family is really crazy......but I mean in a good way." True on so many levels.

Best quote of Saturday night, my uncle's sister leaning in to get a closer look at a tray of Frogmore Stew: "Now that looks Southern."

My cousin Justin got married in the Dominican Republic at the end of May. And there was a reception here in town Saturday night. And the party spilled over to continue Sunday night. And is probably still raging today.

All photographs unedited proofs by AZ, assistant to JAZ.
Our hosts have an absolutely gorgeous home in Hobcaw. This is the front yard.

Holly, the bride and her mother.
Me and my mother and NO we did not plan to match.

Me, getting a sneak peek at the photographer's work.

My mom, my favorite aunt D and her granddaughter, Anna-Lise.

Me yacking with some cousins, second cousins, with a few removeds in there somewhere, I'm sure. The lady in white is my mother's first cousin Betsy, her husband Will and their son Jim and his partner Charles.
The back yard on the Wando River.

Jason photographing the happy couple, Justin and Holly.

Holly, I don't know who that is in the middle, and my gorgeous most favorite cousin in the world, Julie.

Holly and Anna-Lise
Justin and Holly.

Our most wonderful hosts, Pepe and Cyndy.