Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hiss Out in the Kitten Hallway

Massive Loki drama! If this cat were human, he'd be Nathan Lane's character from The Birdcage.

Is it safe?
Maybe I'll just walk down the hall a little way.

Uh oh! Hiiiiiisssssss! Hiiiissss! RRRRRRrrrrrrwwwww!

Thor tries showing his belly as a sign of non-aggression.

Food offering. I'll take it, but won't stop growling under breath.
Thor deserves a medal for his patience with Loki! I mean, Thor was sick, Thor got shoved in a carrier and driven 15 miles to the vet. Thor got poked and prodded. Thor got fluids injected under his hide. Thor got an enema. Thor had to poop in front of dogs at the vet! Thor had to ride back 15 miles home all the while cramping from the enema. Thor had to deal with the results of his treatment for hours. Thor got NO food at all last night. And here he is being sweet as sugar to his crazy brother!


Pat said...

Do you suppose Loki's not liking Thor's vet-visit smell? Poor Thor.

Pixel Peeper said...

Had to poop in front of dogs...? Now this made me laugh out loud.

Yet, I understand.