Saturday, June 06, 2009


Dashing and dodging. Went downtown to assist (sit around doing nothing) while Jason did a photo shoot. Then scooted up to the market for the opening of the Moon Pie and RC cola store on Market Street. Had a free moon pie. Saw the giant moon pie that was to be cut later.

Lunch at Wild Wings.

Home. Clean up Thor yark. He'll need to go back to the vet Monday. I guess it's a good thing Loki hasn't stopped hissing at him yet, so we can just continue on over another week.

Tonight off to Mt. Pleasant for a reception for a cousin who just got married. Get to see the good-crazy side of the family!

Thor sez: I don't want another enema, okay? That was not cool.


Anonymous said...

Poor Thor.....let us know what you find out....Pam, South Bend

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

Uh oh, hope Thor is alright. We adopted a stray kitten Friday. You can read about him and see him on my blog. At least I think it's a him. He's so small I can't really tell yet. LOL