Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Huge Loss for Charleston

Philip Simmons died last night. What a man. What a legacy.

I never got the opportunity to meet him, but know several people who have interviewed him over the years and they all comment on his humility, his grace, his talent.

The term "a Simmons gate" has been a part of my vocabulary for so long -since childhood - that it was one of those things that I didn't really know what all it meant until I was an adult.

Condolences to the family and friends.

Charleston has lost more than an artist. We've lost a link to another era.

From Charleston Magazine, a bit of a wonderful project that has been on-going for quite a while.

Thor sez: I have a sad.

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Pat said...

I met him a couple of times in the late 1990s - sweet, sweet man...and what a talent! I just love his gates.