Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thor's Day!

How much is that kitten in the window?

Y'all please. Some one go adopt some kittens. Pet Smart had seven of them in their adoption center and I wanted to take all seven of them home with me. The SPCA is overflowing with kittens. I so wish I could get at least two more, but someone (we won't mention names, but today is not "his" day) just does not have the temperament for it.


Mike said...

I wish I could but Psycho eats kittens for breakfast. I'm trying to convince Justine that Thirteen, her new shelter kitty, needs a playmate.

Anonymous said...

Posted yesterday by one of my FB friends and Computer Science Professor: "Going to get my cat a buddy. I already have her picked out; just need to bring her home." Followed by this post today:
"My mistake. She's not spayed yet and can't come home until she is. The SPCA is slammed right now and can't get to the surgery for two weeks!" - but at least he is hanging in there.

JanetLee said...

Yeah! Mike, they do need companions. Contrary to popular belief (and Pyscho is an exception) cats are social animals. If this were a perfect world (and Loki was sane) I'd get three more. I've always had four or five cats at a time and I miss the furry commotion.

Anon, thank your friend. What a gift he is getting!