Friday, June 12, 2009

You Say You Want an Evolution?

Last night, East Montague was the place to be. Amoebas and salesmen and cave men, Oh My! Dinosaurs, Missing Links, Jersey Goils and poor Mother Earth.

No air conditioning, minimal props, just a band of crazy kids putting on a show.

Torrential rain? Deafening thunder? Gifts from the Mother, sound effects.

I thought it was a rollicking little romp through the mish mash of what got us here today, blobs that no longer need legs as long as the computers have voice recognition.

And I may be partial, but I thought Jason Zwiker ROCKED THE JUNGLE as Tyrannosaurus Rex, the mightiest of the terrible lizards and he had the tail to prove it.

The people behind us were flipping through the programs trying to identify the brilliant young actor.

And when, as John Lennon, he let loose with a completely believable "What? I get shot?", the entire audience felt his angst.

I want photographs of the cavemen. The T-Rex and John Lennon. I will pay.

A secret. Jason comes off shy and unsure but he is a fantastic actor with great instincts and ideas. He won a best actor award for a film contest in which he played a psychopathic preist. Or did he just think he was a priet?

Loki sez: We will trade high quality cat nip for photographic evidence.

From Chuck Boyd:

Jason as John Lennon (second from left)

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