Monday, June 15, 2009

Your Monday, My Saturday

Now that the lakes are full of water, can I complain about the rain without feeling guilty? Seriously. I went to Lowe's yesterday afternoon to buy the sand to finish the patio project. While there, a monsoon began, trapping me and all the other shoppers in the store. After a while, it got way too expensive to be wandering around the aisles, so I paid and made the very long dash to my car. I had parked by the garden center and they had closed the gates so I had to slosh across half the parking lot.

Then on Magwood, I encountered what must have been the weather activity that caused the tornado warning. Blinding rain, whipping winds, the trees along the side of the road were bent almost in half. I was creeping along at about one mph, wondering if I should just pull over, but the only place was under the trees that were almost being uprooted. So I just puttered along and once I got on 61, it was much better.

Now my patio hole is still full of water. I think I'm going to start calling it a mosquito farm and apply for federal subsidies.

Hopefully the daily monsoon will hold off a bit today so I can get more errands done without endangering life and Cruiser.

Thor sez: While you're out, I'd like some more kitten food, some nip and a couple of new toys to ignore.

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Pam said...

That photo of Thor is just classic - too funny.

I hate to mop/vacuum too.

Looks like you now have some insanely hot (but dry) weather for your patio project...good luck!