Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sleeping Til Two

I was on call last night, so hung out on the couch with the boyz. Then slept until two in the afternoon. Feel like a blob.

Thor seems to have resolved his problem. Friday afternoon I found some evidence in the litter box. Then last night, I was able to confirm 100% Thor poop. And he has been eating everything that he can get his fangs on. Plus, he just looks better.

And the question remains. How do I fatten him up and keep Loki from gaining weight?

Towards the end of May, I dug out some grass to make a patio. The pavers are still stacked neatly, the sand still waiting to be purchased. If it ever stops raining, the mud hole might dry out enough for me to level it and finish the project. I hope the Upstate is getting some of this rain.

El flaco y el gordo.

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Anonymous said...

soooo glad to hear.....the "poop machine" is back in working order!
Pam, South Bend