Monday, June 15, 2009

Count Down

10. Home before the rain started.

9. Laundry room cleaned.

8. Mt. Laundry half conquered.

7. James Taylor on Pandora.

6. Loki on my toes.

5. New yoga class is wonderful.

4. Blueberry bread in oven.

3. Not feeling guilty about not mopping.

2. Thor poop!

1. Stack of books, couch and blanket.

The boyz say: #2 - Cat grass!! #1 - Yarking up cat grass later in an undisclosed location!!


chucker said...

Well, la-de-dah.

I was going to suggest bringing some grass into the house so cats would
1. Eat some and
2. barf out fur balls.

But..."cat grass?"

JanetLee said...

Well, in case no-one has noticed, my cats are incredibly spoiled. Rotten.

Joan said...

I didn't. Make it home before the rain. Sheeesh. What a mess.