Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pre-Thanksgiving Stuff

Night shift is weird. When you work a holiday, it is the night before that counts, not the actual day of the holiday. So I don't work tonight, but my presence is requested Thursday night.

I lobbied hard this year for going to a restaurant. I love going to restaurants for Thanksgiving. It's the best thing ever invented on the planet. You dress up, mosey on down to your restaurant of choice, eat super yummy scrumptious food. I'm fond of the buffet style so you can over eat until your stomach is going to explode, just like at home!

But I am surrounded by traditionalists who think tons of cooking, tons of clean up and left overs fermenting in the fridge or becoming relics in the freezer is a good thing.

My mom is cooking half the dinner - turkey, stuffing, mashed taters and gravy. She's entrusted me (hahahahahahaha) with the other half - sweet potato casserole, some veggies (orange glazed carrots and scalloped cauliflower) and dessert. It's only going to be a couple of us, so we're keeping it small.

But I'm still gonna end up elbow deep in ten thousand dishes tomorrow because my mom doesn't have a dishwasher, well she has one, she's just never used it in the entire 15 years she's lived in her condo. But then, I don't use my dishwasher either, so I guess I can't say too much, although I don't use mine for environmental reasons - it is old and inefficient and uses way too much water.

If I were eating at Blossom's I wouldn't have to wash dishes.

If I were eating at McCrady's, I wouldn't have to cook.
(Hmm, well, maybe I would since those hootchie expensive restaurants tend to think charging $40 for a teaspoon of food is about right.)

That's all I'm saying!

Thor sez: Mmmmmm, left overs.


pogren said...

I absolutely HATE going out to eat for ANY holiday. We have roughly 25-30 people over. I'm not a Martha type but I can and do cook everything. This year my dad (81 Years old) said, "why don't we all go out for dinner and I'll pay?" I can't imagine not sitting around for an hour after the meal before we have dessert.....playing a couple of our favorite games that have been passed down thru 3 generations....having football on TV....folks enjoying a glass of wine.....etc. Oh well to each his own....but as for me ...we are NOT going out to eat for a holiday any time soon. Pam, South Bend

Saphyre Rose said...

I guess Pam is definitely against change.
I am speaking from a stuffed stomach and a tall cognac, so bear with me, *hic.
Hey, I am all for setting my own traditions!. I never understood a holiday that makes you feel the need to clean every square inch of the place, buy and cook enough food to feed Patton's Third Army, then wash all the dishes from the army.
Plus you are more than likely going to spend that holiday with people you try to stay away from the other 364 days of the year because you can't stand them!

I have done it all. Spent time with in laws who always felt I wasn't good enough for their son (they were right! My ex deserved a garden slug). I have spent time with friends who invited me to their house for Thanksgiving so I wouldn't be alone, all so I could watch them fight over the silliest stuff.
I have made the best thing I can think of for Thanksgiving, reservations. For several years we have went out. It was great, no muss, no fuss, no dishes and no 2 weeks of Turkey sandwiches, croquettes, salad, soup, casserole, etc.
Since we are going out tomorrow night for our anniversary to dinner, I decided to cook for Turkey Day. I get lots of help from Lee. He did the potatoes and I did a turkey breast. He did all the lifting of said bird breast from the oven and I did the basting. I made the pie and dinner rolls and he made the yummy veggie, carrots cooked in a bit of butter and ginger ale. It was fun and interesting as we have a very small apartment kitchen!

If you must celebrate the swindling of the Native Americans then eat however you want. Reservations, cooking, McDonald's, whatever you want.
Next year, we should all start new traditions, wear pink feather boas to the table and eat haggis, be wild!

Hope you had a good JanetLee no matter how you celebrated it!
We will be at California Dreaming tomorrow night, wanna come?

JanetLee said...

Sigh. I'll be at work tomorrow night, spare me a thought!

I've done both and don't mind either. I just like the relaxed atmosphere of going out, you and the family can sit and chat and catch up without worrying that the rolls are burning.

But we are so spread out these days that there is rarely more than four or five of us, so doing the home cooked thing isn't too bad anymore.