Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Now I'm Pretty Much Done

Oh, great marvelous revelations from the muse! I set out this morning for my mother's favorite store, hoping to spot something when from out of the blue skies the muse revealed the most perfect gift. So perfect that I can probably do Chia Head gifts for the next few years and get away with it!

No, no, it shall not be revealed here as there might be spies about!

It is that perfect.

So now all I really have left is to make up some chocolate chip cookies, package up the man-child's "out-to-sea" Christmas, holding off on his real gift buying until Christmas in Spring time. Obtain and decorate a tree. I even stocked up on wrapping paper, bows, gift tags and tape at the Wally World this morning!

Oh, and Shadow of Diogenes? Was that you in the cat food aisle? I don't know why I ever would have thought I'd recognize you, but was it?

Oh, and Marcheline? I got the scratch about half way faded before my poor arthritic fingers said WTF? Jason is out there now taking his turn. You rock!

Thor sez: Moooooooom! Pleeeeeeeezeeeee stop!


Heather said...

JanetLee if it's cookies you need, my house is overflowing with them. (I'm pushing them out the door as soon as they get baked.) I'm doing a project for Home Ec 101 and the cookies are like tribbles.

I think I saw Uncle Z at the airport one day, but my kids were acting so horrible I was too embarrassed to say Hello.

Paul said...

That cou;d well have been me. I was in WalMart. :-)

Marcheline said...

Glad to be of help!

Re: the finger - yeah, the only thing that screws up your finger worse than polishing out a scratch in auto paint is trying to spitshine a pair of military shoes well enough to pass inspection.