Friday, November 02, 2007

What is This? Some Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?

This is all I have to say:

NO F'ing FAIR!

Here's the deal. For many, many years, I toiled away every weekend, night shift. Twelve and a half hour long weekend night shifts, no less. But did I complain? Not much. It was my choice.

And when the "fall back" of DST came rolling around, offering the lovely thirteen and a half hour night shift, leaving me slaving, SLAVING, away while all y'all lollygagged around in bed, wallowing up that extra hour of sleep. Which I also did NOT get to enjoy as I still had to be back on duty in eleven and a half hours, irregardless of what the clock used to say.

So when I changed my work schedule to every other weekend, I specifically sat down with the schedule maker and a calender and counted it the freak out so that I would NOT be working the weekend of fall back.

Yippee! Dancing in the streets!

Then they change it? Move it forward?

Just for me? Because I just love it so?

Not fair. Not fair. Not fair.

I'm going to call everyone I know at 0300 a.m. and wake your butts up and check to make sure you remembered to set your clocks back.

Thor sez: For Tuna's sake! Do you need to go to Loki's hissy fit room for a moment?

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pogren said...

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rubbing up against everyone....eating out of our hands AND much to my embarassment jumps up on the table to say HI!!! We were all just staring at each other....what in the world made her decide to be sooooo social all of a sudden???? I'm just hopping she doesn't decide to be sooooo social when I have 25 people here for Thanksgiving Dinner...Pam, South Bend