Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Suppose it Was Inevitable

I just wish I'd gotten at least 2,000 miles on it before I scratched the hell out of it. And I feel completely stupid about it because it was all my fault. See, my driveway, when backing out, the view on the right is obscured by my neighbor's holly hedge. And the drainage culvert is right there too, so I tend to watch the right side as I back out, then stop and check traffic to the left. If I'd looked to the left, I might have seen that the trashcan had been left in the driveway. I might have noticed it before I scraped a lovely three foot scratch in the side of the car.

I think it is shallow enough that it will buff out and I won't have to have the whole side repainted. I hope.

In better news, I've almost finished my Christmas shopping! Just need to figure out something for my mother - who is notoriously difficult to shop for - and put together a small care package for the man-child who is floating around the Persian Gulf via the Mediterranean Sea for the next six months.

Thor sez: I wonder what Santa will bring us this year!


Marcheline said...

Listen - you can save a lot of money by doing this: Buy a tube of regular Crest toothpaste. Not the gel shit, the regular old whitish creamy stuff. Take a soft tee shirt and stretch it over your finger, and dip it in some warm water. Put a little of the toothpaste on the tip of your tee-shirt covered finger, and rub lightly in a circular motion over the scratched area. This is the least abrasive, best-working solution (and cheapest) for paint scratches.

You're welcome.

- M

JanetLee said...

Okay, gonna try it.

joan said...

Ooooooh the pretty blue baby! I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

"JUST" "SOMETHING" for the "NOTORIOUSLY HARD TO FIND" MOTHER? And the man-child? Sorry, dear, but that's NOT almost finished! GOOD LUCK!