Friday, November 09, 2007

And For My Next Trick

I'm going to paint the ceilings. In every room. Except one bathroom that has the textured stuff on it. I think I will probably regret this foolish course of action fairly soon, but it needs to be done. This morning, I will wander up to my friendly local Lowe's (because they pulled advertising from O'Liarly when he said a kidnapped and sexually molested young boy enjoyed being sodomized because he got to play Nintendo all day)and purchase the necessary supplies.

But first, I think I need to track down some Johnny Cash. I painted every room in this house to music. The Allman Brothers, The Doors and CCR are very conducive to painting. However, yesterday, I was captivated by this Johnny Cash video.

A fact that many people find contradictory about me is that although I am not a theist, I enjoy good gospel music. Especially the old-time Appalachian inspired music or the gospel of traditionally black churches.

I think it is because I just enjoy good music. I enjoy all the fruits of true talent. Whether it be music, art, literature. Now, this song in particular, I know I like because of the theme of self-interest, my mind is saying hedonism, being destructive. Christians think they have an exclusive on that, but really all religions touch on it. Even the Wiccan's believe that: An it harm none, do as ye will. And while that may seem like permission to debauchery, remember, that "none" includes yourself.

But then I got to listening to more. And more.

And now I've got me a serious case of Johnny Cash fever.

Loki sez: Can you work on getting a case of feed the kittens breakfast fever?


Margo said...

Have you heard this one? It's pretty powerful. He spent his life buiding himself an empire - now he calls it "dirt". Very thought provoking.

Margo said...

Yep - you've heard it. Next time I'll finish reading before I get all excited and put my 2 cents in. ;-)