Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Free Food!

Well, sort of. How happy was I to see that we have finally stopped taxing food? Not all food, of course, but the essentials.

I remember way back when I was really poor and for a span of time, my grocery budget was $25 a week. For three. Two adults and one child. I would make up my list, go to the store with my list, a pen and a calculator. I would write in the price of each item, adding it up as I went.

When I got close to the limit, I would have to stop and figure out what the tax was going to be. And it always made me sad/mad because that extra dollar or two could bought me another gallon of milk for my child, or several cans of beans to substitute for meat.

Most consumer taxes are voluntary. You don't have to smoke or drink alcohol. You don't have to eat in restaurants. You don't have to buy new clothes and shoes every week.

But you do have to eat.

Loki sez: But what about cat food? Is there tax on cat food? Can you upgrade us to human grade tuna, perhaps?

I Can Has Cheezburger update: Still on the Vote page, page number 15, sixth picture down, 409 votes so far! Yippee! They just might make it to the front page!

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Chris said...

When I moved down here I was surprised to see not only a property tax (we used income tax up in PA) and they sales taxed EVERYTHING down here.

PA generally only taxed things that were not essential, soda, candy, etc. They also didn't tax things like toilet paper, shoes, clothing.

It was definitely a surprise down here. Have we figured out where all the money goes yet?