Friday, October 12, 2007

Knock, Knock.

Who's there?


America who?

America who is getting sick of meanness and hatred, that's who.

Will someone please inform the Religious Right?

Attacking children. Allowing this thing airtime.

The Karl Rove Era of dividing Americans for personal gain (and yes, I meant personal not political) is over. You pushed it too far and the American people, we the little nobodies of the country, whether red, blue or purple now see through your evil tactics.

Only those who still believe in hatred and division support these types of attacks.

I once had a conversation with an acquaintance in which she sighed that things "would be better if everyone (in America) were Christian."

I asked her what she would do with people who did not want to give up their religion and convert.

She looked surprised and said she did not know.

And I pressed her on it. I asked her to tell me, if she thought everyone in America should be Christian, how she would attain this goal? Concentration camps? Deportation? Execution? Just how would she make everyone adopt Christianity?

She finally conceded that it wasn't a good idea, but still maintained that everything would be better if everyone were Christian.

So I asked her which denomination? Catholic? Protestant? (Because those two get along so well in Ireland, you know.) Baptist? Lutheran? What?

She got mad at me and refused to discuss it anymore.

Here is a fundamental truth about humans: Nothing will ever satisfy us. If everyone became Christian, we fight about which denomination. If everyone became Baptist, we'd fight about degrees of fundamentalism. If everyone became Fundamentalist Baptists, we'd fight over each Bible verse and its meaning.

We need to stop wasting energy on trying to make everything and everyone the same and start learning how to just accept differences and to understand that different is just different. Not right or wrong.

Thor sez: But I don't wanna hafta be a dog!


Carla said...

Isn't diversity what makes life interesting?

JanetLee said...

Carla - that's one of the things that American's like to "say", but don't really believe, especially when someone 'different' moves in next door or works in the next cubby hole.

Personally, I find differences, especially cultural differences, fascinating.

Margo said...

Different is good. :) Jesus died for everyone! (Sorry - you know me...I had to get it in there.);)