Friday, October 26, 2007


Cats are like cars. You take your car to the mechanic for that funny noise and it stops making it. I drive Thor 20 miles, one way, to the vet and his eye is perfectly fine.

Sunday, his right eye started watering. And he sneezed and sneezed and sneezed. Really, he would sneeze like ten times in a row, then rub his eye and it would water. But I never could find anything in it or a scratch on it. He never acted like it hurt.

It really was starting to get better by Wednesday. And I cancelled my Thursday afternoon appointment because I was too tired to drive up there after not sleeping well the last few days.

And this morning there were no symptoms. Chad, my most awesome vet, probed and prodded and could find nothing wrong with anything. He gave me some antibiotic ointment just so I could have it on hand if I ever needed it. Sort of like a consolation prize for driving all that way for essentially nothing.

And Loki is still under the bed. He ran for it when he heard me get the carrier out. Now, Thor got shoved in the cage, driven up Highway 61, sat in a room full of dogs, got poked and prodded, shoved back in the cage and driven home. He has been sitting on my lap and purring. Loki is still hiding. Mr. Sensitive.

Thor sez: They adore me at the vet's office!

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Marcheline said...

Maybe he just had a cold. I think cats can get colds just like people. Glad to hear he's better, in any case!

My adopted outdoor cat, Jack, is now getting oral antibiotics to try and clear up what appears to be a gum infection. Happily, he takes the medicine without a fight - and seems to be getting better.

Thank goodness for my mom's vet, who prescribed the medicine from six states away because Jack is "feral". My vet won't even prescribe anything for my indoor cats (who are regular patients of hers) unless I bring them in and pay for an office visit, even if she already knows the condition. Jerk!