Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Litter Bug

There is a litter bug loose in my neighborhood again. Not only is he/she littering, he/she is spreading pollution in the form of bleached paper that (as far as I can tell) is not made of recycled paper, killing how many trees to pollute each and every driveway in my neighborhood, but he/she is doing so from a gasoline burning automobile. And, this litter comes wrapped in a plastic sleeve, a hazard to the environment also.

All this is annoying. To have to tromp out to the end of my driveway each morning to remove the unasked for Post and Courier. To have to fill my recycling bin with unwanted, unasked for paper - this is why I read my news on-line, people!

But what is infuriating (and I've been through this several times before) is that I will continue to get an unwanted, unasked for paper - despite calling and telling them I don't want it - for up to two weeks. Then the phone calls will begin. Several times a day I will be called to ask if I'd like to sign up for home delivery year-round.

Now, get this: the phone calls? They come from Phoenix, Arizona!

So after all this local pollution, the Post and Courier doesn't even hire an out of work local to call and annoy me. They have outsourced this!

And I will tell the poor person in Arizona who just needed a job that no, I do not want home delivery of the paper. If I wanted the Post and Courier to bring me a paper each morning, I would have called them and asked.

I certainly don't want one when I can't even help a local citizen get a job.

Thor sez: Give a hoot! Don't pollute! (And hire local!)


Margo said...

That man I'm married to gets the paper just for the sports section. His excuse is that he's got a sports radio show and has to keep up with things. What a waste!

On another note, I dropped Miri off this morning at the spay and neuter clinic. As I was leaving she was trying to chew the arm off of the lady who was checking weight. I feel for these people. My cat is crazy.

Marcheline said...

I'm all for the guy who saved up ten years' worth of those stupid papers and re-delivered them to the source in a dump truck. The law backed him up, too!