Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yesterday, I gave Loki a dose of tough love and while Jason was at work, I slept part of the day in the living room with Thor, leaving Loki all alone and toyless in the bedroom. Later, when the sun woke me up, I went to the bedroom but Loki was not allowed to lick my thumb. I told him goodnight and put my hands under the covers.

By the time I got up and fixed their supper, Loki was lonely enough (and hungry enough) to come to the kitchen door for his plate. They ate with the door partially open between them.

Then, the final blow: I took Thor to the living room and began a loud game of "chase stick". Which is exactly what it is. They have a long stick and I drag it around in figure 8's and they chase it. We hadn't been doing than more than five minutes when I heard Loki meowing and scratching at the door so he could play.

And that was that. Best buds again.

Next up: Thor takes a trip to the vet. He's been sneezing a lot and one eye has been watering since Sunday. I don't see anything in it, and it doesn't seem painful. I just don't know what it is, so my darling wonderful vet gets to tell me it is something stupid like allergies.

But now, bedtime.


Margo said...

You're such a good momma. :-)

Margo said...

Question: How can I teach Miri to stop biting my kids all the time? It's really a problem. She attacks them all the time - biting their necks and faces. What to do??