Monday, October 08, 2007

Ice Tea Perfection, Ghosts and Tourists

Jason took me on a date last night. We had dinner at Jestine's. If you don't already know, Jestine's is where you will find the most perfect sweet tea on the planet. Perfection in a glass. Then they brought me the meatloaf. It was quite simply the best meatloaf I'd ever eaten in my entire life, anywhere, period. See, they bake it, then grill it. And then, just to be so super bad and decadent, I ate a piece of fried chicken skin off Jason's plate. Real fried up in oil chicken with the skin still on it! I could feel my fat cells opening wide and quivering with joy!

Then we moseyed on down to the Charleston Ghosts and Legends Tour place on Church Street, across from Tommy Condon's. You know, the place with the pirate out front. We were there for a private showing (Jason's invite, not mine. He is so a kewl kid and I just get to tag along) of a new ghost show.

We were a little early, so we sat outside and waited. I was having fun counting how many people walking by said, "Arrrgghhh!" to the pirate, but I only got up to three before it was time to go inside. My favorite was a boy of about ten who said, "Arrrgggh, matey!" then faltered for a second, racking his brain before adding, "I'm, uh, really gonna kill you now!"

Anyway, the ghost show was a quick 30 minute theater show. I loved that the theater was behind a hidden door. The show itself featured seven local ghosts, telling their stories, with lots of scary special effects. Not too scary, only one really made me jump and try not to scream because it was a small crowd of kewl kids and I was the tag-along geek trying to act all kewl kiddish.

So, if you are looking for some tourist-in-your-own-town things to do this Halloween season, check it out. Trey, the owner, said they would have package deals available with a couple restaurants and/or bars near the walking ghost tour sites, so you could make an entire evening out of it.

And now, a mini-rant. I know that the horses of the carriage tours are working under all kinds of rules and regulations designed to provide for their safety. But the poor black horse I saw was laboring - yes, laboring! He had his head slung low and forward and you could see the slow pull of muscle in his front legs and chest as he put one foot forward, puuuuullllleeed, then the other and puuullllled, all the while white froth lined his mouth and the gaggle of fat ass tourists were oblivious to the suffering they were causing with their fat American lard asses. Couldn't they at least have a minimum of two horses on those larger carriages? There must have been fifteen people in that one and I saw four just on one side who were pushing 200 pounds.

End rant.

Thor sez: I've got a Halloween costume! Can I be in the ghost play?


Pat said...

I just can't stand to see those poor horses pulling those big ol' carriages of lazy butts! Makes me think of Black Beauty. Why do we do that kind of stuff to our fellow creatures?

Love Jestine's!

Hey, did you see the e-mail at work about the grants? Wonder if we could get a grant application going to fund a home nurse for young mothers program?

Saphyre Rose said...

Thank you for the head's up on the meatloaf and sweet tea. I love meat loaf and I never make it for myself.

You know, this is the only town I have lived in or visited that I haven't taken the carriage tours.

We lived in Wilmington NC for 10 years and there are 12 different tours you can have the driver take you on. I think with all of the family and friends who came down for visits we got all of the tours. But the great thing was the larger carts all had 2 huge draft horses to pull them. The smaller, romantic carriages that were for 2 people had only one horse.

I see these equine babies in Charleston with only one horse to pull all of those porcine tourists with their porcine, freckle faced bratlings on their laps.

We have lived here nearly 5 years now and we have yet to get on the carriage rides downtown. Lee knows how much I want to but won't let the horse be hurt by my tonnage, so he has been bugging me to reserve on of the couple carriages for our anniversary next month. But I think those are only available for the high end hotels down there right?
Do you think the Charleston Carriage Company would listen to some well written letters on the number of horses that should be pulling the big carts?

We have been to a lot of restaurant downtown, but I have only see Jestine's never been in. I know it must be good because there is always a line out the door! I can't wait to go!
Thanks again for the head's up!

Mike Burleson said...

Jestine's pot roast is awesome as well!

Margo said...

Oh how I would LOVE a kid free night with my husband! Dinner AND a show?! Lucky. :-P