Monday, October 22, 2007

Here We Go Again

Loki is

Yesterday, my brother stopped by, so of course, Loki had to run and hide under the bed because obviously, anyone other than Jason or myself clearly intends to murder him.

Hours later, I went back to the bedroom and drug him out and carried him to the kitchen where he ate supper. Later, he sat on the couch with us.

When bedtime came around, he was back under the bed and hissed at me when I tried to get him out. So I left him there, thinking he'd get over himself in a few minutes and hop up on the bed and I could get him out of the room at that time.

No, a few minutes later, Thor comes slinking in and Loki starts (from under the bed) hissing and growling and spitting. I have no idea why. There was no altercation between them - they were both in the living room with us the whole evening.

So, we initiated overnight separation protocol. Which drives Thor absolutely insane because he is left alone and hates it. It got so bad that I went to sleep in the living room with him. He was so happy, he curled up next to me and purred all night - something he rarely does.

This morning, Loki ventured down the hall, saw his brother and ran for his life back under the bed. So I told him that he was NOT going to be living the high life in my room with his food and water and litter box. So I moved everything to the spare room. But in the process of moving Loki, Thor escaped from the bathroom I'd shut him up in and ran to his brother.

And Loki went into severe threat mode, crouching down, fur standing up, hissing and growling and spitting. Luckily, Thor didn't react aggressively, he just sat there looking at Loki. But Thor was under a piece of furniture and I couldn't easily get to him to get him out and since they were less than a foot apart, I didn't really want to reach down into this volatile situation and grab either one of them. I had just gotten a blanket and was going to toss it over Loki and drag him out when Thor went under the bed and Loki ran back to our bedroom.

Where he still is. He is not staying there. He will get his overreacting sensitive ass thrown in the spare room sometime today. In the meantime, I'm stuck with an upset, over affectionate Thor who wants nothing more on the planet than to see his brother.

It is quite possible I may strangle one of them pretty soon.

Loki sez: But they really are out to get me!

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