Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Mish-Mosh

The kittens are feuding again. Rather, Loki was offended by some scent that Thor brought home from the vet. We were making much progress this morning. They were playing together in the hall, mellowed out with a liberal amount of Cosmic Cat Nip. Then they moved to the front room to watch Cat TV and all was well for about 15 minutes, then Loki decided he hated Thor again and began hissing and spitting. So he is back in the "hissy fit room".

An announcement to the entire population of the Lowcountry: I stop at red lights. Okay? Deal with it. It's sort of the LAW, you know. I even stop at yellow lights if I am safely able. Once again, that pesky little law. You should try it. Might save you from KILLING an innocent person some day.

Also, to the jerk driving the gigantic pick up truck turning off Bee's Ferry Road into the Hidden Walmart, Crouching Gas Station: pulling up an inch off my rear bumper and blaring your horn at me will not make the oncoming traffic disappear so that I may make a safe left turn.

And I must jump on Mike's Ladles bandwagon. The place is awesome, the owners are super nice and the food is great! Try it out. I'm so excited to get a great place for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner up Highway 61. The South of Philly Pizza place is also super Yumm-O, but it is nice to have a choice.

And I know that my favorite links column changed when Jason put the new header on the blog for me. I will update it again (when I can figure it out). I didn't remove anyone! It was an accident!

Loki sez: I'm sensitive, okay?


Margo said...

Hope the boys are friends again soon. Miri is still actin' a fool (as my grandmother would say), but I think she'll calm down soon. She's getting older, and I'm not letting her chew on my arm anymore.

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

Oh I can't stand being honked at when stopped at a red light. The light we have to stop at leaving our complex has two big signs that say 'No turn on red M-F 4:30pm-6:30pm.' I refuse to turn. I had one guy pull up beside me yelling at me to turn. I yelled back that he was welcome to get the ticket for me. He proceeded to go around me and turn. Wish there'd been a cop there that time.
Hope Loki forgives Thor for coming home with a new scent.

Marcheline said...

Loki looks like an owl in that pic - whoo HOOOOO!

I always have a one-fingered salute ready for assholes blowing horns at red lights.

- M