Sunday, October 21, 2007

Say What?

Loki sez: Dumbledore was gay?

I like that JK Rowling didn't make his sexual orientation any more relevant to the story than the orientation of any other character.

I mean, she didn't go around pointing out anyone else's (other than the hormonal teens) sexual orientation, why should she have had to with Dumbledore?

He was just an ordinary person (in his world), doing his job, paying his taxes, doing good deeds for his community, just like our gay friends and neighbors in this world.


Pat said...

I read the other day on the homepage that there had been rumors Dumbledore was gay. Based on what, I wondered. I've read all 7 books at least twice and didn't pick up on anything about his sexual orientation - which was refreshing! Really now, who cares?

Marcheline said...

I think it's an enlightening thing to see millions of people fall in love with Dumbledore's character first, then to find out he's gay. I think the point of all of it is to see that it really doesn't matter, after all.

I'm sure that out of all the Harry Potter fans in the world, some portion of them are homophobic. It just stands to reason, statistics-wise.

I think it's very clever of JKR to show people how UNimportant someone's sexual preferences are in the grand scheme of things by only revealing that information after seven books' worth of fandom!


- M

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

I first have to say, that I LOVE ALL HP books. But I suspected all along that Dumbledore was gay. It just never bothered me. I have an uncle (my fave one) that's gay, a SIL that's gay. I'd have never known unless they'd told me. But with Dumbledore, because of my uncle and SIL, I saw signs. Still didn't care. Dumbledore did his part to save Harry. That's what matters to me.
I had to reread book 7's last chapters to make sure I didn't read it wrong. LOL
I'm still saddened that there won't be more HP books. :(

BTW, I still have your bowls ready to be returned. I'm weird like that. I have to return things. LOL