Saturday, October 13, 2007

Four Crazy People at a Marina

Actually, there were five of us, but only four were crazy. Last night, we picked up my mom and drove out to the Bohicket Marina to meet my Aunt D and Uncle J from Cally-for-nee. The idea was to have a glass of wine whilst watching the sun set over the marsh.

The no-see-ums had other plans for us. Poor Jason was trying to take pictures but the bugs distracted him. Then he tried to get a group shot, but he was dealing with four crazy people who'd just gulped down wine.

Please note that the giant wine stain on Aunt D's leg (first on left) was caused by my mother (second from left), not me (third from left). Also note the alarming lack of grey hair on my mother as compared to me. I find it amusing, but in a weird sort of way. Oh yeah, and the crazy dude is my Uncle J. (whispers) They have a mixed marriage - he's a red and she's a blue!

But the real fun of the evening was dinner, which we had at Cindy's just down the road from the marina (back towards Charleston). Fresh, fresh, fresh sea food. A very casual, rustic interior, with some of the best seafood I've had in a long while. The food was served on paper plates - oh, excuse me, I meant our food was on paper plates, but Jason, Mr. Special, got his on a real plate. Cindy explained that it was because he ordered the special, which was sea bass, and it was delicious. As was the tomato-cucumber salad. And the shrimp and the crab cakes and the cole slaw and the yummy bottle of Spanish wine we shared.

Definitely worth the drive! You can also buy fresh local produce. And to-go meals fresh made, like a shrimp and grits quiche. There was a seafood lasagna, crab quiche. All sorts of dips and sauces made daily. And yummy deserts. We had key lime pie that was to die for perfect - from that first zing of tartness to the super sweet whipped topping. Best I've tasted outside the Keys.

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Hey, your hair is looking terrific!