Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fake Champagne and Baby Bibs

Ah, the traditions of the New Year. I've purchased two bottles of sparkling white grape juice and one giant veggie platter with ranch and blue cheese dressing for dipping.

There is a 2007 First Baby baby bib stashed in the nursery. (The good stuff is locked away somewhere, I'm sure, awaiting more capable hands and TV cameras for presentation.)

There will be a list of lowcountry nursery phone numbers clipped to the charge nerd...I mean charge nurse...clipboard.

After the swilling of fake champagne and noshing on goodies, we will get back to work and the night will be spent in making and receiving calls.

"Anyone deliver yet?" will be the most frequently asked question of the night. We will watch laboring women like racehorses heading around the back stretch, everyone wanting to be first.

I've only been present for one "first in the county" delivery, so many years ago, I'm sure the baby is in elementary school by now.

It's fun. It adds a little something extra to a routine night.

Ya'll be safe out there!

Loki sez: I'll be watching you! No drinking and driving! Let everyone have a happy new year!

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joan said...

I remember those days! The smart gals want the baby before midnight to take advantage of ye olde tax deduction for the whole year. That's worth more than a minute or two of fame for being the first baby.