Thursday, December 14, 2006

I hate to pick on CNN, really, but again they give me no real answer to choose from in the "Quick Vote" today.

Question: Has the E. coli outbreak made you less likely to eat at a Taco Bell?

The only available answers are yes or no.

My answer would be: If Tacho Hell had an E. coli with bubonic plague outbreak (Ebola virus available in certain locations, after 2am), I still could NOT possibly be less interested in eating at one of those....places.

I see that the senator from SD, Tim Johnson, has fallen ill. I hope he gets better.

I wonder how long it will take Pat Robertson to claim that it was a punishment from God for electing a Democrat?

Yesterday, Jason blogged about our less than pleasant experience at the Sunflower Cafe here West Ashley. I have to say that I am probably the most laid back diner in the tri-country area. Mess up my order? Well if what you brought looks better, I just might keep it with a thank-you. Busy and taking a long time? No problem. I have eyeballs, I can see it is busy.

I have never got up and left a restaurant. But this place was not busy. The girl blatantly ignored us. She walked to the table behind ours, caught my eye (Jason had his back to her), asked the people how they were doing, glanced at me again, then turned around and went back to her soda behind the counter.

So, we left.

And ruined my nostalgia buzz in the meantime. That little strip of stores, which used to be the only 'shopping' along the Pierpoint section of Hwy 61, was home to Virginia's Stitching Post. Which was my grandmother's fabric and embroidery store. Miss Juanita also had a miniscule branch of the U.S. Post Office tucked away in one corner. Across from the stores was a Dairy Queen. My brother and I used to wander out to that field (can't believe it hasn't been entombed in concrete yet) and pick blackberries. We would then pool our pennies and dimes and buy some ice cream to go with the berries. Yum.

Loki sez: I'm utterly fascinated. No, please tell me more. I'm hanging on your every word, darling. Positively enthralled.


jaz said...

Actually, the thought of eating at Taco Bell made me sick before the outbreak.

Anonymous said...

My son went to Taco Bell and found a womens fake nail. They gave him free food for two weeks. Needless to say they didn't accept and he hasn't eaten there since.


JanetLee said...

One word: Ewww!