Friday, December 15, 2006

Freaky Friday

To the "person" in Pacifica, California who google searched "pictures of Marie Osmonds titty"s" - get some professional help you sick puppy.

To the MSM who put on pious little sincere faces to assure the family of Sen. Tim Johnson that he was in their prayers before the drool started spattering on telepromters as they gleefully pontificated on what might happen if Mr. Johnson died or was incapacitated - quit your jobs and go in search of your humanity.

To the "mother" in California who left her baby alone in the car, but took her dog in the store with her - way to go, I'll bet you'll get a free membership in PETA.

That's about as grumpy as I can be with a Thor on my lap. Off to finish shopping as soon as he decides he is done with me.

Thor sez: Resistance is futile! Adore me! Now!

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