Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Just say NO cat nip. You know, it seems harmless and fun. It's legal and cheap in almost any store where cat food and supplies are sold. But it has a dark under belly of matted and unwashed fur. You start out, just a little, for kicks, you know. But some kittens can't say no more, they need to just say NO.

The first hint of a problem is when you start to know the different nips out there. Like that Cosmic Catnip is the bomb. That Hartz shit is okay in a pinch, but the Cosmic is where it's happening. That grocery store crap? Might as well feed it to your granny, nothing but stems and chaff, dude.

The next thing you know, you're bogarting all the nip.

And it seems so good. Dude, look at the water flow, it's so zen. Cos like, we are like water, with our blood flowing and tumbling and trickling within us, just like this fountain. We are creatures of the sea, dude, it is part of us and we are part of it and the salt water in the ocean is the same as the salt in our blood and we belong to the ocean and the earth and it to us. Deewwd.

Dude! Look at this giant mo-fo bug, dude! Right there. On the wall. Whaddaya mean there ain't nothing there? You blind? Dude! Itzz right there, man!

What happened last night? I was grooving on the zen, next thing I know, I wake up, covered in Meow Mix Kitty Catch crumbs.

Only you can prevent nip abuse. It starts with being a good role model.

Note: "Zen Thor" photo by JAZ. The rest, could of been him, could have been me. I'll invoke the usual disclaimer: if it is a good picture, Jason took it. If it's an okay picture, I took it.


Chris said...

I love the pics. Too too cute!

Blueyes said...


At first its always for my benefit to watch them freak out over it but after a while they just get pyscho

Pat said...

That post is LOL funny. Thanks!