Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Cruel Whims of Kittens

Ah, the love of a kitten is fleeting. Who would have ever thought that red and white polka dot ball, after almost two years, would fall so far out of favor as to be relegated to a dusty lonely spot behind the couch?

When they seemed like forever buddies?

Poor red and white polka dot ball. Replaced in his prime. Replaced after being lost, found, hidden, found, drooled on, dunked in water bowls, even put in the litter box once (I suspect Thor). All that abuse and still he was the faithful friend.

Then. Loki met puff-ball.

A little beige puff-ball.

Now, nothing but puff-balls will do. Little ones. That can easily be lost. So many lost that I went to the fabric store and bought a bag of 50 just so I could toss out another one when the supply ran low.

Oh, Loki adores his puff-balls. He puts them in places where he has to 'work' to get them out. He pretends he can't find them. He stuffs them under closet doors so he can make a human do the door opening trick.

Poor red and white polka dot ball. How can he compete?

Loki sez: No comment.

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