Monday, December 11, 2006

She's making a list...

checking it twice. Or three times or four, I forget, it all runs together.

Tree decorated. Check.

Minor freak out that Thor ate a decoration. Check.

Christmas knick-knacks up. Check.

Good chunk of shopping done. Check.

Yearly minor psychotic break in which I contemplate a party and/or cooking dinner before coming back to reality that 1) I hate parties and 2) I don't cook. Check.

Christmas wish list from the child. Oh, wait, no check.

Airplane arrival time from the child. Oh, wait, no check.

Hmmm. Where can I buy lumps of coal?

Okay, you have been very good and read through my nonsense. Here is your daily dose 'o kitten, photos compliments of JAZ:

The Dinner Hour

Thor sez: yummy supper!

Thor sez: Patooey! This isn't right!

Thor sez: There has to be a perfect morsel of yumminess for me!

Thor sez: At last! Oh perfect morsel, I have found thee!

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