Friday, December 22, 2006

Once again people think I can cook

No one wanted to have Christmas dinner. So I said, well, the hell with it, I'll just make dinner for the boys and me. Then it started. "Oh, you're doing Christmas dinner?"

Dinner for three has now become dinner for at least six, perhaps eight.

For Pete's sake. Don't these people remember that Thanksgiving? When I had four matching plates? My little two person table? The wobbly card table?

Any way. The menu:


Lemon-dill shrimp

Main Course:

Rosemary-basil turkey breast
Roast finger potatoes
Sweet potato and cranberry pie
Roasted green beans with shallots and hazelnuts
Mac & Cheese (my mom is baking this - I think it's the law)
Gravy, of course


Bullwinkle cake
Some chocolate thing that my mom makes that just thinking about it 1)makes me gain 5 pounds, 2) pops about twenty zits out on my face and 3) sends my blood sugar sky rocketing.

Well, that's the dream menu in my head. We'll see what happens when I actually have to start cooking all this in my woefully inadequate kitchen with my two feet of counter space and cantankerous stove top stove that I hate.

Loki sez: Can I wear my party hat?

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Paul said...

Cute kitty! :)