Wednesday, December 13, 2006


CNN has on its website a story about a new poll on racism in America. It is very interesting reading.

Then, further down on the page, is the "Quick Vote" they always have. Now, I've rolled my eyes at these questions on numerous occasions because of the idiocy of trying to boil down complex issues into yes or no answers. But this one is so stupid it is shameful.

The question: "Do you like people of your own race more than people of other races?"

CNN should be ashamed of having a question like this on their website. Really. It isn't even possible to answer.

Perhaps this is a huge chunk of the problem. Our urgent desire to glue labels on people as a short cut that allows us to not think, but merely react to what we "read" on a person. How can anyone but the most rabid racist say that they like some unknown person better than some other unknown person based on race? How can CNN even endorse that line of thinking with this stupid question?

My answer to CNN is the choice that they didn't give the American public: I like nice people more than I like mean people. I like people who share my values and ideals more than people who don't. I like people who are funny more than people who aren't. I like people who like furry little creatures more than people who don't. I like people who are interesting and can teach me something about the world or myself or humanity more than people who can't. I like people who read books more than people who don't.

I realize that my answer is too complex for your question, CNN, but I can't help it. People are complex. Human relationships are messy and don't fit neatly into little round "click here" boxes. Deal with it.

Thor sez: I told you if you sang "Ebony and Ivory" one more time, I was gonna whup your behind!

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Vera said...

What a dopey question!

Sound like they merely wish to create controversy rather than get a real discussion going.

I won't bite.