Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tis the season

I usually try to get all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. This year, however, I was disabled by an intense case of profound laziness. So I set out this morning with the intent to finish all my shopping today. Before noon if possible.

The first store I went to was closed. The second store I went to was closed. What is up with opening at 10am. That is so wrong. Beyond wrong. So. They don't get none of my $$$

Third store did not have what I was looking for. Fourth store only had one thing I was looking for. Fifth store was so overheated I about had a stroke and had to leave.

So. I failed in my quest.

I did, however, see 23 people talking on cell phones. One blond lady in Barnes and Noble has an elderly grandmother who is worried about getting some presents to somebody in time. Thanks for sharing at the top of your lungs while I was trying to browse.

I witnessed unnecessary snottiness to a clerk by some fat chick who should not wear pink. You know, just because you can be snotty doesn't mean you should.

Then there was the young "lady" in the SUV who blared her horn at the 110 year old old lady who was just trying to get her Flying Dutchman of a car straight in its parking space and when little old lady didn't move fast enough to the constant blare of the horn, young "lady" powered down her window and added a finger gesture just in case anyone in West Ashley may have missed how annoyed she was.

Tidings of comfort and joy my ass. People need to get a grip.

Loki sez: Um, I've changed my mind. I don't want to play kill the sock monster anymore.

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