Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Christmas Tree Inspection


Uncle Zoloft said...

Do your wee kitties like climbing the tree after it is lit and decorated? I had to give up on x-mas trees for that reason and now with two dogs I still can't have a x-mas tree :( so last year's tree was a Shrimp net hung from the ceiling.

Pam said...

My cat, Haiku, will now only drink water out of the Christmas tree stand, which is weird because she only likes the freshest of beverages. Cats are such...cats.

JanetLee said...

Uncle Z - Surprisingly enough, they don't climb the tree. They swat at the bottom branches, but we've left the bottom two feet undecorated, looks tacky, but hey, just like kids, you make concessions.

Pam - they drink out of the tree stand too, that's what Loki was doing in the picture - checking for water. They also will drink out of the bathtub if a human is bathing. Cats are weird.