Monday, January 01, 2007


I hate New Year's resolutions. It always seems like we do it just because everyone else does it and we don't want to not be part of the crowd. How many things do you suppose we do just because we think we are expected to do them? What do you think would happen to society if we all just stopped? I was saying. I think I'm starting to change my mind about resolutions. I think having an idea of what direction you'd like to take your life in might not be that bad of a thing.

Once, one of the docs I rarely see said to me, "I never recognize you because everytime I see you, you look completely different."

And ever so witty moi replied, "Well, I am a complex and constantly evolving woman, how can I stay the same?"

I meant it as a smart ass remark, but now I'm thinking about it in a new light.

Last year was sort of blah. Not bad. Just blah. I struggled more than usual with my bouts of depression and just in general felt....flat.

I think it was because I had no big change, no goal, no nothing. I just cruised through last year like it was the same as the year before.

So, this year, I need a new direction. I need a new goal to focus on.

Therefore, my resolution is: If the agent who is looking at my sample chapters now declines to represent me, I will not continue to query agents. I will instead focus this year on short fiction or novella length fiction and look to start getting my short work published, hopefully in some literary journals. I'll also work on my non-fiction writing for publication also. It's time to go back to square one and start over again in a slightly different direction.

That is my new and hopefully exciting plan for this year. Let's see if it lasts until February!

Thor sez: My resolution is to continue being unbearably cute!

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jaz said...

Aye. We need resolutions, rituals, and rites to mark time. Life just feels too automated without them.