Friday, January 12, 2007

Shades of King

Don't be hanging around my back door on a dark night.

I buried Miss Kitty beside the back porch because by the time I bought this house, she was old, fat and arthritic and that is as far as she ever went. She loved to curl up on the soft grass and watch the birds and squirrels from afar. So, I buried her there, then planted the Miss Kitty Memorial Garden (in reality, a Carolina Jasmine on the fence and a couple of day lillies). I begged for one of my mom's closely horded original Charleston bricks to make a little sunken head stone for her.

And that was that.

Except it wasn't.

Our poor little teeny tiny Conan baby was soon laid to rest beside her. My mom felt so bad, she gave me another Charleston brick.

Then two weeks ago, Sutu joined them.

And today, Daisy the guinea pig was laid to rest amongst the felines.

I didn't dare press my luck by requesting two more Charleston bricks, so I improvised head stones by bashing some decorative bricks my brother left in the shed. It looks pretty good out there.

Getting a little creepy, but it looks good.

Loki sez: I miss my Sutu buddy.

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