Friday, January 19, 2007

Well Duh!

The tease line: Are Girls Getting Meaner?

The video: Three girls beating up another girl, taped and broadcast on the internet.

The question should have been why do we not expect girls and boys to be getting meaner?

For at least the last five years, they have watched adults spew hatred at each other. They have watched "newscasts" that are nothing more than shouting matches. They've watched political campaigns that are nothing but all out war on the other side. They've watched "reality" television shows that promote and reward scheming and back-stabbing. They've made movies like "Saw", with no moral other than torture and murder is cool, number one. They listen to music that relegates women to the ranks of bitches and ho's. They watch "teen dramas" that are rampant with sex and meanness. They've watched athletes shooting up steroids, cheating and breaking laws and getting tsk-tsk'ed for it. They see the number one pundit in America saying that kidnapping at gunpoint and sexual abuse is their fault.

Their parents are at work. When at home their parents send them up to rooms filled with televisions and computers and are content that the kids are being quiet. Their parents accuse teachers of evil intent for ever reporting anything negative about their child. Parents expect their children to be perfect, but turn blind eyes to any problems the child might have, so the child is left to deal with it the best they can. Not my child, is their mantra.

And girls today are expected to just say no while Britney and Jessica bump and grind their nearly naked way to millions of dollars. T-shirts for four year olds have "sexy" printed on the front.

We give them a million conflicting messages and then are surprised when they act out violently?

And we have the gall to say how much we love and cherish our children. We are failing them all. They will not be our future because we aren't teaching them to care about anyone but themselves. They won't give us a future.

Thor sez: You done? Because it's time for you to explain how it's the vet's fault that I meow at night.

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Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by the clothes that are out for little girls. My daughter is 4 and there's no way in Hell I'd by her anything with sexy on it. When did it become okay for our young girls to dress like sex objects while trying to teach them the opposite?
I pray to God that we can teach our daughter better than that. And it begins with us. We're not raising children. We're raising young men and women.
My children watch either Discovery Kids or Noggin. So I'm comfortable knowing what they're watching. I can't control what they learn outside the home, but I damn sure can regulate what they learn inside.

Btw, love the pic of Thor. LOL