Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Remember Fifth Grade?

Do you? See, I've been reading a lot around the old internet and hearing some in person about ideas.

That our War on Terror is really a war on the ideals of the radical Muslims who want to convert the world by force.

They should ask the Catholic church how well that works.

Or perhaps the people who think that dropping bombs and sending tanks and guns to fight ideas is the way to go should look back to some basic American history lessons.

When the Great British Empire learned all about ideals in the late 1700's. Hmmm?

See, you don't fight the private thoughts and beliefs of men with guns.

You target and isolate the dangerous while offering a better ideal and letting people come to you willingly.

That's what these ya-hoos grabbing at their dicks and grunting out slogans on both sides don't get. You cannot convert at gun point.

Would you die for your country? For your beliefs?

So will they.

And what most Americans fail to grasp is this - just because another's beliefs seem stupid or wrong to YOU, does not make them so. Their belief in Islam is just as strong and right to them as your belief in Christianity.

The challenge is to win the next generation. We've got to appeal to the young, those tired of war. We've got to spoil them with M3P players and internet access and video games. Levi jeans and baseball caps. Free education and opportunity to have something.

We've got to appeal to women who, once they have some power and control over their lives, will no longer be forced to watch their sons go off to war. They will begin to have hopes and dreams for those sons.

And none of that will be found at the end of a gun.

But how shall we accomplish this?

I dunno, I'm just a looney leftie liberal sitting around with my head in la-la-land, trying to think up a way to reach out to those uncorrupted by hatred.

Loki sez: I know! We'll drop a billion blue puff balls on them and everyone will have sooooo much fun playing that they'll forget to hate each other!

Thor sez: That is the dumbest idea I've ever heard. We'll drop a billion pictures of me and the massive release of endorphins caused by gazing upon my incomparable cuteness will render hatred powerless.

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