Monday, January 15, 2007

Can the media restrain itself?

Basic decency. That's all it is. The media has lost sight of the fact that the world does not need to know everything about victims of crime.

When the two missing boys were found in Missouri, I was relieved and happy for the positive outcome where there usually isn't one.

I was much happier watching images of children smiling, holding hands with their mothers than what we usually see in these cases.

The man who took the boys has been charged with kidnapping. Other charges are pending, say the news reports.

We don't need to know.

Like in the Elizabeth Smart case. I was horrified when the press, knowing that practically every-one in the country knew her name and face, publicized the sexual charges brought against her kidnapper.

That is wrong. I know it is part of the public record. But basic decency requires that it not be printed in the papers, not be beamed via satellite to every home in America and abroad.

Especially in the case of a child.

The same with these boys. They have been through enough with just being kidnapped and the older one with having been held for so long. If there is anything more, let it be between them and their parents. Let the courts deal with it. We, the public, don't need the details.

Let them heal in peace and have some dignity.


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But, unfortunately, that is not what will happen. A "leak" about what happened will turn into a torrent and - before you know it - the boys lives will be disturbed even more.

Sad, very sad.