Thursday, January 25, 2007

John Walsh, where are you now?

Isaiah Washington is now in counseling for calling his co-worker the “F” word. I’m so glad. That was really wrong. It was immature, unprofessional, mean and hateful. Bad, Isaiah, very, very bad. Very wrong in private, extra wrong in the work place.

But some one tell me why, please, tell me.

Why has this story been relentlessly pursued by the press? Why are people being interviewed on major networks about this? Why is Washington being verbally flayed alive, people calling for him to be fired, if not outright run right out of Hollywood? Why is his meeting with members of the gay community national news?

Yet Bill O’Reilly attacks a child. Not even an adult, but a CHILD, stating that a child kidnapped at gunpoint at age eleven - stop right now and think about it, really, picture yourself at eleven, young, scrawny, skinny, just venturing out on your own in the big wide world -now add in the 300 pound stranger with a gun. Got it? Okay.

So Bill O’Reilly can state on national television that this little eleven year old boy, after being God knows what….no, no, no…….let’s just say it……after most likely being threatened and abused and sodomized for four years, this boy, this child is responsible for his captivity? That this child LIKED it??? He endured sodomy so he could…… Nintendo???

Bill O’Reilly says this and America rises up … get more chips and beer?

Why is he not fighting for his job? Why is he not being forced into counseling? Why is he not forced to meet with members of Darkness to Light or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to apologize?

Where is John Walsh? Where is the outcry? Where is the outrage? Why is the press giving O’Reilly a free pass on this one, but attacking Isaiah Washington?

Why? Really? Why?


jaz said...

Bill O'Reilly is proof that common decency has gone the way of the dinosaur in this country.

Uncle Zoloft said...

The Washington issue has sent a clear message out to the USA ~ using the other F word is no longer acceptable and can get you butt fired. I think that the press drum corps may have gone a bit overboard, but if I was a 15 year, old in Mount Pleasant, who has had to endure being called the F word all the press would make me more empowered.

O'Reilly is owned by Murdoch. Murdoch peddles trash talk ~ just look at FOX. BUT you're catch on his comment is so right on. I'll give Darkness to Light a call tomorrow.

JanetLee said...

Uncle Z - I agree with you about the message the Washington story sent out to the public. What he did was disgusting and wrong, if I'd done that at work, I'd have been shown the door.

But I don't understand how and why O'Reilly can attack a minor child, a victim of abuse and hardly anyone says a word. It's mentioned once or twice, he makes some half-assed "explanation" of what he "really meant", and then given a golden pass. Main stream media just let it go.

But I shouldn't have been so shocked as I do understand that 1) money makes the world go round and there is a huge audience in American culture for trash TV and 2) American society at large doesn't really care about kids, unless it affects their own personal kids.