Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sleepy Saturday

Yawn! I slept all day and still feel like I could go back to bed and sleep until morning.

Thor sez: I know what you mean.

But I was good yesterday. I sent in my SC Fiction Project entry. I sent a submission to Glimmer Train. I about threw up because I could not find where I saved the short story I'm working on. Then found it and worked on it some more.

Jason bought me a book on Norse Mythology and I've been reading stories of Thor and Loki to Thor and Loki. He was so pleased that I liked the book. Until I told him I was really just scouting for new kitten names.

Yes, I have kitten fever. Bad. It's a good thing it is "off season" for kittens at the SPCA right now or we'd be knee deep in them.

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