Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Po' po' Pitiful Me

I will readily admit it. I suffer from poor person's syndrome. It most commonly manifests as a fear of luxury. A "good enough" or "make do" attitude when it comes to having to spend money on anything other than shelter, food or other necessities.

Even my shameless spoiling of the kittens is a symptom - I am trying to make sure that they never suffer the pangs of longing as I did as a child and young adult.

Spending money actually makes me sick with fear. What if there is an emergency? What if I need this for something important? What if I fall down and break my leg and can't work?

So my secret private resolution this year was to do what I'd been avoiding for about ten years.


And the po' people gods were smiling on me as I lounged on the microfiber luxury-liner sofa of my dreams. The sales lady informed me that the store was having a tax free day and Wells Fargo was offering interest free financing for a year.

And so yesterday, I breathlessly awaited delivery, saying goodbye to my cat-clawed-old-cat-pee-accident-smelling-I-used-to-smoke loveseat and the futon that I bought after sleeping on the floor for a year after my hasty departure from my marriage.

Now, instead of this:

There is this:

And instead of this:


(Yes, I know that picture is crooked, tell the person who hung it)

Ah, doesn't it make you dream of movies and popcorn, snuggled under a blanket on a cold dreary night?


Anonymous said...

Janet, I live with the exact same feeling. There are times I'm downright petrified of spending.

Lovely furniture.

Chris M. said...

I like the new furniture!

Anonymous said...

I love the L shaped couch--VERY nice! Aren't new things grand to have???

JanetLee said...

Thanks everyone. We've been enjoying it.

joan said...

Oh nice! A cuddle up and read sofa.