Friday, January 05, 2007

Random Bits of Friday

I love how Blogger makes me sign in as "old blogger" rather than "new blogger". That the wording fails to have the intended pyschological effect on me (oh no I don't have THE NEWEST thing!!) makes me laugh every time I sign in.

I wonder if the water meter reader guy ever gets tired of pumping water out of my water meter hole. (high water table)

Why does it freak Thor out when I meow?

Why did it take my health insurance provider eleven months, two weeks, several days, three phone calls from me, unknown number of phone calls from my employer and several letters to change my name?

I hate that I have my SC Fiction Project submission ready to go except for one small detail - no title for the work. I suck at titles.

Why does Thor sleep on the toilet?

Why am I sitting here wasting time when I'm supposed to be doing errands and laundry?


chucker said...

Use the word "Factor" in your title. Sounds scientific, scary and futuristic. I'd read it.

Pam said...

He sleeps on the toilet because you have one of those cushy toilet covers. Geez, once again my cat Haiku is complaining and saying 'why don't we have one of those?'. I've got to start turning my computer off during the day when I go to work.

Oh - I don't think I'd go for 'factor'. Maybe use 'edge' or 'verge' - or what about 'teetering'?

JanetLee said...

hmmmm....Factor...problem is the story isn't scientific, scary or futuristic. I'll just make Jason name it. He comes up with cool titles.

Anonymous said...

You're wasting time so I feel better about ignoring my own household obligations for which I have no energy or desire to attend.


Anonymous said...

#1 I'm with Heather about ignoring household obligations.
#2 I'm great with titles too!