Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wild Kingdom

This morning while talking to my mother on the phone, I was gazing out my kitchen window. In the back yard I saw: Mr. Cardinal, two Northern Flickers, a Bluebird perched above the bluebird house I put up last year, several Mourning Doves, at least half the platoon of Sparrows that live under my house and several Carolina Wrens.

Add a couple of squirrels and you've got a pretty good show.

My point?

I have none!

By the way, it's Thor's Day.

Thor sez: You may begin the worship now.


Anonymous said...

My favorite photo from my back yard....a bluejay, a cardinal, 2 ducks, one squirrel, and a rabbit all eating together peacefully under the same feeder....why can't we all just get along???

Pam said...


I've been noticing alot of birds lately too, it's like they're starting to gear up for spring.