Monday, January 28, 2008

Matters of the Heart

No, not my heart. We'll find out if anything is wrong with it later today.

I am practical enough and mature enough (in some ways!) to know that when my heart(emotion) and my head(reason) are in conflict, I should go with the head. It just usually turns out better.

And that was my conflict over voting this weekend. My heart was for Obama. My head was saying Clinton.

My heart listened to Obama and just soared and swelled with hope and excitement for the future.

My head coolly quantified the administration talents of Clinton.

So torn was I last week, that I feared I would be standing staring down at the voting screen still undecided.

But in the end, I could not vote in good conscious for Clinton because of her husband. Yes, because of Bill.

Hillary is running on the platform that she is the best qualified to lead this country. She says her being a woman has nothing to do with her qualifications. She is saying she is tough enough to endure the dirty politics of the campaign and tough enough to deal with the vast difficulties ahead for our country.

So why does she have her husband out doing her dirty work for her? Why is Bill out there bristling like a curr dog when someone says something about his woman?

If a male candidate's wife said half the things about an opponent that Bill has, she would be labeled a bitch and told to go back to attending luncheons and playing nice.

Hillary claims to be a feminist, but she is using her husband to be her attack dog. She is using sexism. She is not attempting to neutralize it or point out the blatant use of it by others, but she is keeping it alive.

That completely turned me off. It is dishonest. It is dishonest to decry a practice, but then use it when it is to your advantage. It is one of the things I despise about the Bush administration, they talk values and honor, but behave quite the opposite.

Thor sez: Hillary! Loki sez: Barack!


Pat said...

I shared your ambivalence, Janet. In the end, I voted for Hillary but was relieved when Barrack won. Then last night watching the news, I caught a glimpse of Bill and thought to myself what a liability he is for her. Too bad she doesn't see it.

Suz said...

I believe Barack uses the racial card in the exact way you believe Hillary is using the gender card. How he gets away with this "positive campaigning" hype when he says things like "when the status quo is threatened, the claws come out," I have no idea. Sexist much?

But, at least you and I are both Democrats!